Netflix is an excellent case study in Growth. They have seen widespread US. adoption and are now turning towards original content and Latin American expansion to continue to grow. However, for all of the paid ads that they run, there is one channel that is vastly underutilized. If done well this channel has the ability to continue to gain and retain users domestically as well as in every new international market that they enter.

The channel is Organic Search.

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Software is eating the world

-Marc Andreesen

I agree! The number of software companies and products are expanding with no end in sight…

However, the one thing that is not expanding is our attention. Everyday, we are getting better and better at screening out ads and only letting in what we think adds value to our lives. Hopefully you see the disconnect here. The more software exists, the more demand there is for each person’s attention. So, the question you should be asking is “How do we get people to pay more attention to MY product, in a sea of Saas?

The answer is Traction! The demand for traction talent will increase right behind the demand for technical talent and I refer to this as the Traction Revolution.

I have recently joined Tradecraft as an Instructor of Growth and we are looking to solve this problem.

In case you haven’t heard of Tradecraft:

Tradecraft is a full time, in-person immersive training program for people who want to become either a ux designer, growth hacker or sales and business development professional.

I want to help set a new precedent for the skills and knowledge of traction professionals at startups and help people to develop the skills to become lifelong learners.

Wanna join?…Get Traction

Marketing is an amazing function that can help you achieve your business goals. Usually those business goals are things like: more users, more leads or more paying customers.


But wait! many startups are looking for funding and some of the same marketing tactics that you use to find new customers can be used to get the attention of Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists or even potential acquirers. I call this “fundraising marketing”.

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I have some exciting news. I have left Mediasmith, the Media and Marketing agency where I worked and I will be joining the GoodApril team as their Marketing Director.

GoodApril Tax Planning


GoodApril is tax planning for freelancers. The founders, Benny and Mitch Fox are smart, savvy FinTech pros with a great vision for the future of taxes. I won’t give away any secrets but I will ask you a few questions…

Why does tax season always seem like a surprise? Will I get a refund or owe money?

Do you think that it makes sense not to think about taxes unitl April 15th?

We all have the best intentions to keep track of our expenses, meet with a financial planner, and save money at the end of every year but it always seems to get away from us. You can pay your accountant an arm and a leg but the worst past there is that an accountant is NOT a replacement for keeping track of your expenses and tax planning, you still need to do all that…

So, all I have to say is…There is a better way. SIgn up for Early Access at and keep up to date with tax tips and track the progress of the changing tax landscape at the GoodApril Blog.

Stop with the minimums! I know you want to make money, but the best way to do that is by allowing people to use your platform. Take a hint from Adwords and Bizo and ditch the minimums.

A Message to Media Industry Vendors

New Cards in Google Products

Google has truly defined the way that we consume information. Not only defining how we search but designing the interfaces that we use to filter and find information. This year at Google I/O, there were several amazing new introductions in every category. However, one of the most notable changes to me was the prevalence of cards. Google Now, Google Glass and Google Maps all featured cards. I think that these cards represent the future of Google search and will change search for the better.

Google Now Cards

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The following content was live blogged from ad tech SF 2013: Much of the talks were focused around just what is native advertising?

Native ads are ads that enhance the user experience rather than disrupting it.

There is an interesting balance in Native Ads: we see much more engagement than traditional display ads but how do we still accomplish our business goals? What do we measure and how do we know it’s working?

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Facebook Exchange Sponsored Stories

I recently learned about a new feature of FBX from an article in ad exchanger (featuring my company). Now, Sponsored Story inventory is real-time biddable. This is awesome and I’ll tell you why…

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Free Marketing Toolkit

A Free Marketing Toolkit, with Paid Tools Too

I have been working feverishly on a new website for marketers called  It helps sort out all of the tools that are available across the web.

So often someone will come to me and say something to the effect of…

“I’m trying to put together a list of websites to show display ads on and I don’t really know where to start. I tried google but…blah blah blah.”

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I have always been interested in hyper targeted advertising. If you need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, some of those dollars will eventually be used to serve useless impressions. However, if you only have $1,000 , you don’t have the luxury of wasted dollars. So, I am going to make a series of posts that show how to get hyper targeted marketing and advertising.

Here is #1…

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